White Kitchen Cabinets are on the Rise

Interest in white kitchen cabinets has increased 667% since 2004, according to Google Trends.

White is the leading alternative color to the traditional light or dark wood kitchen cabinets. Other popular alternative colors are black, grey, green and red. White is considered to be a clean and modern color, providing a nice contrast for family who want to design the remainder of their kitchen in black, grey, or any pastel color.

Black and grey kitchen cabinets have enjoyed a steady rise in popularity because they go very well with the ever-popular granite countertops.

Red and green kitchen cabinets have enjoyed a steady popularity among those who want to make their kitchens into style statements. Here are their relative popularities:

The top states for white kitchen cabinets are Kentucky, South Carolina and Connecticut. Black is popular in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Grey is more likely to be seen in Illinois, New York and Florida.

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Interest in Medicare Advantage Growing

Interest in Medicare Advantage programs has increased 1500% since 2004, according to Google Trends.

The program, which allows health companies to provide HMO and PPO services on top of Medicare, is similar to they types of health plans retirees had with their employers during their working years.

In comparison, interest in the alternative Medicare Supplemental Plans (known by alphabetical designations like A, C, F and G), have enjoyed a much less dramatic rise.

Regionally, the states where residents are most interested in Medicare Advantage are Arizona, Florida, and Tennessee. Arizona residents should visit Medicare Advantage Plans in Arizona for more information.

The top cities interested in Medicare Advantage are Nashville, Tampa, and Phoenix.

Clearly, Medicare Advantage plans appear to be the healthcare option of the future for Medicare recipients.